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Frequently Asked Questions


How long has Eclipse been in business?

Eclipse was founded in 2008.

Factory locations & how long has Eclipse been working with them?

Experienced factories in Asia, including China (12 years), Vietnam (3 years) and Malaysia (2 years), producing consistent and repeatable product of the highest quality.


How many projects has Eclipse completed?

We have completed over 100 projects covering brands under Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, IHG, Choice, Best Western, Wyndham, and more.


Production capacity?

Each factory is capable of producing an average of 1,500 to 2,000 rooms per month.


Design options?

Various finish stains and laminate available for all casegoods as every order is custom. We have direct relationships with most major vendors in North America and China.


Minimum order?

One container (approximately 30 rooms).


Model rooms?

Model rooms are available at 3x normal cost plus freight, with a credit towards final order of same set.


Lead times?

Standard 10-12 weeks production based on 1-4 containers; larger projects can be completed in phases to suit delivery schedules. Shipping timeline varies based on North America location and ranges from 2.5-4 weeks.


Eclipse Financial Terms?

50% deposit and 50% balance + freight due prior to shipping. 

Quality Control?

Each factory has a full QC process throughout each phase of the Production process. Quality checks are done by Eclipse employees in raw cutting, machining, finishing and packaging.


How do we manage the project?

A U.S. based project lead will collaborate with client, designer and factory personnel to enable transparency and proactive communication to ensure project success.


Custom design capability?

Each project we do is custom work. Even if it’s the most basic set of furniture, the project is still custom and built to specification. Each project will be quoted based on the specification given, and material used for the build.


Why Eclipse?

We are a small group of hospitality owners with extensive industry knowledge. We pride ourselves on the knowledge gained in this industry and the relationships to our factories to ensure our quality guidelines and timelines are met for each and every project.



We provide a 2 year prorated warranty to our clients.


Is Eclipse approved for most major brands? 

Yes, our project portfolio is a testament to the numerous and various brands we work with. Most designers we work with have relationships with the Brand to obtain approval.

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